Guidelines For Seeking A Letter of Support

Guidelines For Seeking A Letter of Support From County Departments

Acquiring a letter of support from Broome County departments can be an important tool in securing funding for your agency's programs, services or special projects. We would like to aid you in the process. Therefore, the Broome County Integrated County Planning (ICP) Team has developed the following set of guidelines. These guidelines will streamline the process, ensure a timely response, and support the integrated planning goals of the county departments.

Requesting a Letter of Support

If you are seeking a letter of support from any of the following Broome County Departments, you must utilize this process.

Please do not use this request process when a grant application calls for memorandums of understanding or service linkage agreements.

  • Department of Social Services
  • Mental Health
  • Health Department
  • Probation
  • Office for Aging
  • Youth Bureau

1.  Requests must be received at least 2 weeks prior to the grant deadline date.

2.  Email the ICP team at to notify us of your intent to request a letter of support in the near future. Letting us know in advance that a request will be made will assist us in managing your request in a timely fashion.

3.  Please prepare and submit a draft letter of support as an attachment in an email to and type "Draft Letter of Support" in the subject line.
** Please note - If you fail to send a draft letter of support as a Word document in a separate email to ICP, you will not receive a letter of support.

4.  Submit your formal request for a letter of support electronically by completing the Letter of Support Request Form available on the Broome County Government webpage at Your request will be immediately referred to the appropriate ICP team member and placed on the agenda of the next ICP meeting for discussion. ICP meetings are generally held on Wednesdays, every other week. Once you submit your request and completed Letter of Support Request Form, you will be notified when the team will be reviewing your request.

If you are on a tight time schedule, please notify us immediately that you will be in need of a letter and what your time frame is. The team will make every attempt to expedite your request and to review your proposal electronically if the funder has not provided you with enough time to meet our meeting schedule.

5.  Do not approach individual county staff members for letters of support.

6.  Do allow enough time to process your request.

Once You Have Submitted a Request

Once you have submitted a request and have provided the appropriate information, the ICP team will address your request by the next ICP meeting. After consulting with the ICP team, the department from which you requested the letter of support will make its decision. A staff member of the department will then contact the person you have listed as your agency contact to notify you of the department's decision to provide a letter of support or not to provide it. If your request is supported, you will receive the letter directly from the department from which you requested it from.

The ICP team will consider the following when making its recommendation:

  • Does Broome County need the service?
  • Does the agency have the credentials/experience to appropriately deliver the service?
  • Does the agency have the fiscal viability to sustain the project after the funding period has ended?
  • Does the agency have a history of being able to deliver services?
  • Are there competing grant applications?

Important: If your request for a letter of support is granted then you will be required to send a completed copy of your final grant proposal to the department granting the letter of support. Please notify us at after you have received notification of your grant award, even if your agency is not awarded the grant.

Thank you for your cooperation and please feel free to email your comments and/or suggestions to .

NOTE: If you are having problems with submitting the online form, please email the .