Executive Fiala Finds No Major Surprises in Comptroller's Audit

BINGHAMTON, NY - Broome County Executive Barbara J. Fiala says the recent audit findings from the New York State Comptroller’s Office do not surprise her and she says the County has already been working to resolve many of the “deficiencies” listed in the auditor’s report.

“I want to thank Comptroller Hevesi and his local staff for their review of county payroll procedures,” said Executive Fiala. “I had requested this audit early last year when we discovered a major deficiency in the payroll process that led to a handful of employees receiving payouts for sick time they accrued. This was against county policy and in looking into this matter we discovered a number of issues on our own that pointed to an inefficient system.”

Executive Fiala says the County has incorporated a number of measures to make sure mistakes like the sick time payouts do not happen again. She says more thorough training procedures are also now in place to assist payroll clerks in each department. There have also been oversight measures implemented to help stop mistakes before they walk out the door.

Fiala says many of the recommendations included in the Comptroller’s report are already being implemented including creating a more uniform payroll procedure and assuring that all payroll transactions are supported by the appropriate documentation.

“Broome County has more than 2,400 employees with different pay grades and rules governing their salary structure which makes for a complicated payroll system,” said Executive Fiala. “At the same time, when you pay out around $84 million dollars in salaries each year, you need to get it right and that is what we are working to do.”

Fiala has assured Comptroller Hevesi that Broome County will follow through with the recommended changes outlined in the payroll audit.