60 Properties to be Auctioned by Broome County

Binghamton, NY – Broome County Executive Debbie Preston and Real Property Director David Hamlin announced details of the upcoming auction of tax foreclosure properties in Broome County.

The auction is Saturday, November 5th, at the Holiday Inn, Binghamton (2-8 Hawley Street) starting at 10:00 am.

Auction bidders must register between 8:30 AM and 10:00 AM that morning.

“These auctions are a perfect way for young families to find a new home at an affordable price, which they can then renovate and grow into,” says Broome County Executive Debbie Preston.  “This process helps clean up blight in our community and puts properties back on the tax rolls, which will benefit all taxpayers in Broome County.”

The County will auction off 60 properties, including single family homes, multi-family homes, vacant lots and more.

“We want to remind people that it is their responsibility to investigate all aspects of the parcel before committing to purchasing it,” says Real Property Director Dave Hamlin.  “We encourage all buyers to look carefully at each parcel before bidding on it because it may have code violations that will need to be addressed by the new owner.”

Housing built before 1978 may contain lead based paint.  Lead from paint chips and dust can pose health hazards if not managed properly.

The Broome County Health Department has information available at each County Auction for prospective bidders to review.

Maps of each parcel are available for viewing in the office of the Broome County Real Property Tax Department, second floor in the County Office Building, 44 Hawley Street, Binghamton, NY, during regular business hours.

Or you can get a complete list online at www.manasseauctions.com.

Tax maps are also available at www.bcgis.com

Open houses on some of these properties will be conducted this weekend.  The schedule is as follows:


Saturday, October 29, 2016

9:00AM to 10:00AM

Sale/Serial #:  14-747                                    V-Deposit                                           8 Allen St
Sale/Serial #:  14-578                                    T-Lisle                                                10221 NYS Rte 79

10:45AM to 12:00PM

Sale/Serial #:  14-113                                    T-Binghamton                                   2135 Pierce Ck Rd
Sale/Serial #:  14-382                                    T-Conklin                                           1367 Milburn Dr

12:30PM to 1:30PM
            Sale/Serial #:  14-923                                    T-E-Union                                          222 McKinley Ave
            Sale/Serial #:  14-893                                    T-Union                                              1205 Catherine Ave

2:00PM to 3:15PM

            Sale/Serial #:  14-1308                                  T-Vestal                                              1625 Pearl St
            Sale/Serial #:  14-1345                                  T-Vestal                                              1944 North Rd

 3:45PM to 5:00PM

            Sale/Serial #:  14-287                                    C-Binghamton                                   101 Bigelow St
            Sale/Serial #:  14-327                                    C-Binghamton                                   34 Mason Ave


Sunday, October 30, 2016

 9:30AM to 10:30AM

            Sale/Serial #:  14-83                                      C-Binghamton                                   25 Blanchard Ave
            Sale/Serial #:  14-95                                      C-Binghamton                                   28 Amsbry St

 10:45AM to 12:30PM

            Sale/Serial #:  14-596                                    C-Binghamton                                   2 Chapel Pl
            Sale/Serial #:  14-529                                    C-Binghamton                                   107 ½ Oak St
            Sale/Serial #:  14-530                                    C-Binghamton                                   105 Oak St

12:45PM to 2:00PM

            Sale/Serial #:  14-449                                    C-Binghamton                                   55 North St
            Sale/Serial #:  14-440                                    C-Binghamton                                   23 Clarke St
            Sale/Serial #:  14-370                                    T-Conklin                                            21 Cherry Dr

2:15PM to 3:45PM

            Sale/Serial #:  14-303                                    C-Binghamton                                   24 George St
            Sale/Serial #:  14-267                                    C-Binghamton                                   142 Robinson St
            Sale/Serial #:  14-302                                    C-Binghamton                                   35 William St

4:00PM to 5:00PM

            Sale/Serial #:  14-706                                    C-Binghamton                                   1134 Vestal Ave
            Sale/Serial #:  14-822                                    C-Binghamton                                   12 Sherwood Ave
            Sale/Serial #:  14-469                                    C-Binghamton                                   141 Murray St



10/26/2016 - 1:32pm