Broome County Seeking Input on Local Hazards

Broome County is seeking public input for development of the County-wide Hazard Mitigation Plan, currently being updated. The goal of the plan is to lessen the impact of disasters in our community and ensure the County and its municipalities remain eligible to apply for and receive federal grant funding for mitigation projects.

As part of this process we are conducting a survey to receive feedback about local disaster issues and gather information about areas vulnerable to disaster. The information provided through the survey will help us coordinate activities to reduce the risk of future injury or property damages during hazard events, such as floods, severe storms, winter storms, and others.

The survey can be found through our project website at or directly at

The website will also include notices for public meetings when scheduled and draft sections of the plan as they become available.

A Hazard Mitigation Plan is a living document that communities use to reduce their vulnerability to hazards.  It forms the foundation for a community's long-term strategy to reduce disaster losses and creates a framework for decision making to reduce damages to lives, property, and the economy from future disasters. Examples of mitigation projects include home acquisitions or elevations to remove structures from high risk areas, upgrades to critical public facilities, and infrastructure improvements.  Ultimately, these actions reduce vulnerability, and communities are able to recover more quickly from disasters.

The public is encouraged to visit the site, learn more about hazard mitigation, take the online survey, and provide input to the planning process. 

For more information, contact the Broome County Planning Department at 607-778-2114 or You can also follow Broome County Planning on Facebook at  




08/20/2018 - 4:20pm