There are times when buses may unexpectedly have to detour. BC Transit will make every effort to keep you informed as detours occur.

35 Binghamton-Endicott

On Wednesday December 13, 2017 from 8:30 AM through 6:00 PM, Harry L Dr/Watson Blvd between Oakdale Rd and Hooper Rd will be closed due to road work.

All regular route 35 buses traveling outbound to Endicott will use Oakdale Rd to right on Main St and use the George F Hwy to Endwell. All 35W and 35ES will use the Hooper Rd on ramp and resume regular routing. The outbound 35M will continue straight and resume regular routing.

Inbound buses will follow the reverse order of these directions the 35W and 35ES will proceed straight on Hooper Rd to Main St and proceed east on the George F Hwy. The 35M will continue straight and head east on the George F Hwy. All inbound buses will turn left on Oakdale Rd and proceed to the Oakdale Mall.